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Tarot and Minor arcana elements
Tarot and Minor arcana elements

Pentacles and Swords have incorrect elements

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Our deck is based on the French Tarot school of Dr. Papus. It differs from other schools and strikes with its originality.
According to the Papus' school, thoughts are ranked lower than energy.

Pentacles = energy = air,

Swords = mental work = earth 💫

Dr. Papus wrote works on many esoteric and occult themes and his students noted down his divination system. It's from those various sources that this information came into our possession today. We share it with the permission of our mentors, who are deeply intertwined with the Tarot wisdom.

If you are interested, you can delve deeper into the records of those times. Also, you can confirm the correctness of our information using available sources and other decks of the Dr. Papus system.


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