Tarot schools, incorrect air and earth elements

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  • Which Tarot school is the Moonly deck based on?

There are four main Tarot schools: the English schools of Crowley and Waite, the French school of Papus and the Marseilles Tarot. Each school brings its own unique perspective and methodology to the practice of Tarot reading. The Moonly Tarot deck is based on the tradition of the French school of the great mystic Dr. Papus.

Dr. Papus incorporated the esoteric wisdom of ancient Egyptian civilization, the mystical teachings of the Kabbalah, and the celestial insights of astrology into his Tarot practice. The Papus deck consists of 79 cards, including the Blank Card, symbolizing the divine energy.

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  • Why Pentacles are associated with the element of air and Swords with earth?

According to the Dr. Papus' school, the Swords are thoughts, plans, assessments. They rank lower than energy.

This perspective diverges from other Tarot traditions, assigning a unique elemental association:

Pentacles = energy = air,

Swords = mental work = earth.

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