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Incorrect zodiac sign
Incorrect zodiac sign

I'm confused with the zodiac signs displayed on the Moonly app

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When using the Moonly app, you might occasionally notice discrepancies in the position of the Moon or your zodiac signs compared to other sources. Rest assured that the information provided by Moonly is accurate and reliable. Let's delve into why these differences occur.

All astrological systems can be divided into the Western and the Vedic branches. Both systems are used worldwide and offer unique insights. ​

✨ Moonly follows Vedic Jyotish astrology, utilizing the Sidereal zodiac system. This approach leads to the distinct zodiac calculations you see in our app.

The cornerstone of Vedic astrology is its consideration of the precession of the equinoxes. This astronomical phenomenon involves the gradual shift of the Earth’s axis over time. By accounting for this shift, Vedic astrology ensures that its charts accurately reflect the actual, current positions of constellations and planets in the sky.

Western astrology, which is more common in different sources, operates with the Tropical zodiac and sets the vernal equinox as the fixed beginning of the zodiac calculations. This system does not take into account the gradual shift. The methodological difference means that Western astrology might not align perfectly with the current astronomical positions, creating a margin of error in the sign dates and planetary positions.

For those interested in observing the Moon's position in real-time, Moonly recommends visiting an online planetarium such as

Both astrological systems have a right to exist and deserve respect. The main thing is to find a tool for yourself that resonates with you ❤️

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