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Incorrect zodiac sign
Incorrect zodiac sign

I'm confused with the Birth Chart or the calendar, the position of the Moon looks incorrect

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Have you noticed that the position of the Moon according to other sources differs from Moonly's sometimes? The information in the Moonly app is correct 🙏

All astrological systems can be divided into the Western and the Vedic branches. Moonly follows Vedic Jyotish astrology.

Their main difference is the calculation method: Vedic astrology takes into account the annual shift of the Earth’s axis and therefore the calculations coincide with the astronomical position of the constellations. Western astrology does not take into account that shift and considers the vernal equinox to be the starting point for the signs of the zodiac, so the calculations have a margin of error.

Therefore, the Vedic zodiac shows the current position of the planets of the solar system and allows you to make more accurate calculations.

Also, if you want to watch the position of the Moon in real-time, please visit the online planetarium —

Both astrological systems have a right to exist and deserve respect. The main thing is to find a tool for yourself that resonates with you ❤️

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