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Restore purchase
Restore purchase

I previously made a purchase and am looking to restore it

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iOS Moonly Plus subscription

Ensure that your device is signed in with the Apple ID used for the original purchase.

To regain access to Moonly Plus, navigate to any Moonly Plus section of the app (such as a locked meditation or article) and click on "Restore" located at the bottom of the paywall screen.

Android Moonly Plus subscription

Ensure that your device is logged in with the Google Play account associated with the original purchase. Your Moonly Plus subscription should automatically reconnect.

Cross-platform or Birth chart restoration

If you've switched devices between Android and iOS, or if you need to restore the Birth chart purchase, please reach out to our support team.

Briefly explain your situation and include a screenshot of your payment receipt from Apple or Google Play. For accessing your purchase history, you can visit or, depending on your platform.

Our team is here to assist in restoring your purchases efficiently 🌟

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